Printing Services

Digital Printing & Restoration Services

Giclee Quality Printing

Framed in Time’s Digital Printing Service makes framing your photos easy & affordable! Our prints are state of the art Giclée quality and available in four different papers and finishes: Exhibition Canvas Matte and Hot Press Bright are our two archival quality papers. Premium Photo Luster and Enhanced Matte are our two photographic papers.

The process to submit photos for printing is easy. Deliver your image via email ([email protected]), dropbox or cd/flash drive/memory stick. Tell us the size print, the paper type, and number of prints you would like us print. It’s that simple! All of our papers, printer, and 14″ scanner are color calibrated Epson products. We can print up to 24″ wide.

Professional Scanning

We also offer high quality, color-calibrated scanning up to 14” wide on our professional Epson scanner. If your artwork is too large for our scanner see photography services below.

Professional Photography Services

We can recommend expert, reliable local professional photographers if you have a need for these services. Please note; these photography services are not billed through Framed in Time.

Digital Restoration

Digital photographic restoration is the practice of restoring the appearance of a digital copy of a photograph which has been damaged by natural, man-made, or environmental causes or simply affected by age or neglect. Our customers often request this process for use on a delicate document or sentimental photograph so that they can be easily handled, replicated or put on display.

Here are just a few examples of what can be accomplished through digital restoration




Museum Grade Restoration Service:

Framed in Time partners with trained professional restoration experts, in order to offer you museum grade restoration services for your antique photographs, vintage artwork and cherished heirlooms. Such restoration includes repairing paintings that have suffered from paint loss, weakened canvas, water or moisture damage, tears, insect damage, etc. The goal of the conservator is to stabilize the original artwork (or photo) and integrate any repairs in order to preserve the artist’s original intent.

How does this work?

  • Bring your photos / artwork to our shop for consultation and drop off;
  • Our professional restoration partner will examine your piece on-site and provide us with a cost estimate;
  • We will call you with recommendations and a quote;
  • With your approval your artwork will be taken to the lab for restoration; 
  • Please be aware – depending the extent of damage that requires correction,  restoration can sometimes take up to a month
  • We will call you when the restoration has been completed and returned to the shop;
  • At your convenience, come back in to see your beautifully restored artwork!
  • We can then work with you to design framing that will preserve your restored art.