Preserving memories

Preserving memories

Whether you’re redecorating your house or preserving original artwork, Framed in Time is the place to go to custom frame your cherished memories. Our huge frame selection and creative design staff can help you turn memories into art. Preserve your treasures to cherish forever!

This is a vintage colored photo in which we used archival materials including a custom cut fabric mat, museum glass and a shadow box.

French Mats

The traditional technique of French Matting has been making a comeback.  French Mats are used to enhance various types of paper art such as fine art prints, drawings, watercolors, botanicals, awards and maps.  A simple gilded bevel, custom laid papers and lines all add ambiance and elegance within the right context.  These elements can be used individually or in concert to enrich the overall viewing experience.  Our consultants will walk with you through the design and your matting will be expertly created specifically for your piece.  The following examples may serve as an introduction to French Matting.

“A number of years ago, knowing that I love marionettes, my son had brought me a beautiful one from Europe (based on the jellicle cat dancers in “Cats”).  The face, hands, and feet are hand-painted porcelain and it is a very special puppet.  For years, though, I had no place for it and sat it in a small rocking chair.  As a result, the strings were tangled, it was dusty, and in danger of being ruined.   I took it to John at Framed In Time and he built the most beautiful, perfect, display cabinet for this exquisite piece.  The door is hinged (because marionettes are meant to be taken out and played with, of course), and the backing and frame chosen to complement the colors of the piece.  I couldn’t be more pleased by the outcome.  Thank you, Framed In Time!”

No Framing project is too large for Framed In Time!

Here is a custom floater frame with original travel art from Peru floated on top of a black linen mat!

Custom shadowbox with plaque for a West Point era jacket.

A fun shadowbox with photo and pins for Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers

We had the honor of framing an Abraham Lincoln Presidential document in all archival materials to ensure lasting preservation.

This is a unique guitar original lithograph that we designed and framed. Check out that mat and moulding combo!

Baptismal candles and Shell from another happy customer!