Gift Shop

Gift Shop at Framed in Time

Framed in Time’s Artful Gift Gallery provides customers with an exciting, shopping experience that includes a plethora of art and handcrafted items that you won’t find in most other area stores. We pride ourselves on exhibiting works from local artists in the areas of pottery, jewelry, glassware, candles, small sculptures and more. Particularly popular is our vast collection of hand-made quilling cards as well as our selection of Fairly Traded beaded ornaments, hand-knitted finger puppets and jewelry boxes.

American Stonecraft

As featured on Chronicle in 2018, this company partners with 48 local farms to create a variety of stone products, each custom labeled with the name of the sourcing foarm. Come in a choose one from a farm near you.

Spirit Stones

The design inspiration for these vibrantly hand painted stones created by a local Metrowest artist, originates from the Hindu Mandala, which is a useful tool in many cultures to help stabilize and reorder the inner life.  Many people like to display them on their desk or table to relieve stress and keep the positive energy flowing throughout the day.

Chowdaheadz Candles

These 100% hand-poured soy candles are Boston born and specifically scented to create a “hometown fragrance” that matches their witty titles: Wicked Relaxed, Fenway Grass, Best Mom Evah and Sweethaaht are just a few of the delightful choices you will find here at the shop.

Quilling Cards

We have dozens of cards for virtually all occasions in this line of intricately designed and hand-crafted quilling cards. They are one of our most popular items.