Other Services

Restoration Service:

First Class Restoration Service to preserve your quality artwork and heirlooms

Framed in Time partners with trained experts, bringing you museum grade Restoration Services for your Artwork and Heirlooms. 

Restoration Itinerary

  • Bring your artwork to our shop for consultation and drop off.
  • We will call you with reccomendations and a quote.
  • With approval your artwork will be taken to the lab for restoration. 
  • Be patient!  Restoration can sometimes take up to a month.
  • We will call you when the restoration has been completed
  • Come see your beuatifly restored artwork!
  • Redesign your framing to meet your needs.

French Matting:

French Mats

The traditional technique of French Matting has been making a comeback.  French Mats are used to enhance various types of paper art such as fine art prints, drawings, watercolors, botanicals, awards and maps.  A simple gilded bevel, custom laid papers and lines all add ambiance and elegance within the right context.  These elements can be used individually or in concert to enrich the overall viewing experience.  Our consultants will walk with you through the design and your matting will be expertly created specifically for your piece.  The following examples may serve as an introduction to French Matting.

We have a wide variety of custom designed papers to coordinate with your artwork.

Our hand selected sample sets make it easy to visualize your finished product.

So many great pieces can be enhanced by this traditional and re-emerging presentation technique.